Free Yourself From Migraine Headaches!

A migraine is typically an intense headache with a throbbing pain felt only on one side of the head. While every individual’s experience may vary, it occurs with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light.

The precise cause of this crippling headache is unknown, however, it is believed that the arteries in the brain dilate during a migraine attack and draw together near the affected blood vessels with stimulation of nerve endings. This impact on the arteries in the brain causes the uncontrollable pain.

NOTE: Migraines can have a root cause that is physical in nature. Therefore, we suggest that you consult your family physician prior to seeking outside help. When working with people with migraines we require a Medical Referral. We have helped countless individuals overcome their pain, and we can help you too!

Meet with Debbie Papadakis for a complementary consultation to see if Hypnosis is the solution that will rid you of those overwhelming migraine attacks. We have found that majority of our clients suffering from this ailment experience relief within only a session or two.

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