Hypnosis has viable applicability to weight management.

The problem with following diets is that there is a major change in eating habits and a person looks forward to achieving their weight goal, after which they resume eating “normal food”. Thus restarting the cycle of weight gain.

With the hypnosis approach you may eat whatever you desire with the difference that, through the effects of hypnosis, you will desire and consume much smaller amounts of food. The advantage being, since no enjoyable foods are denied, nothing is given up, therefore there is no tendency, after the weight loss, to return to foods that have been forbidden. You simply continue to eat what you have been all along except that quantities are vastly reduced and through hypnosis appetite is fully satisfied with modest portions of food. Where excess weight is due to physiological conditions medical intervention may be necessary. However if it is due to overeating, it is more likely that it is the mind rather than the metabolism that may be causing the problem. Hypnosis accesses the root cause of the tendency to overeat and focuses on changing thoughts & attitudes which lead to major changes resulting in weight reduction.

Overeating provides a sense of compensation or relief from negative emotions – anxiety, grief, anger etc., and hypnosis is very effective in ferreting out these suppressed issues. Sometimes just the simple understanding of the cause can result in elimination of the problem.

A hypnosis program for weight reduction aims to:

  • Achieve a positive outlook and desired body structure at the appropriate weight.
  • Improve attitude towards food.
  • Increase the desire for healthy foods.
  • Modify behavioral patterns – times, places & patterns for establishing future eating habits, elimination of harmful habits.
  • Provide positive reinforcement for relief of stress or other causes.

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