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Each year, we welcome students from Canada and around the world to study with us. Hypno Healing Institute’s comprehensive certification courses are carefully designed to support your learning experience and to foster your individual growth; striking the perfect balance between theoretical and practical training. Our focus is to provide you with pragmatic knowledge, tools, and skills allowing you to graduate with absolute certainty and confidence. iStock_000007699342MediumResearch shows an increasing awareness and acceptance of using alternative medicine as a more natural approach to healthcare. A study conducted by British Columbia’s Fraser Institute titled Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Canada: Trends in Use and Public Attitudes found that in 2006, more than one-half (54%) of Canadians reported using at least one alternative therapy in the year prior to the survey. In a study conducted by The Fraser Institute, Canadians spent more than $5.6 billion out-of-pocket spending on visits to providers of alternative medicine in 2006, which doubled the rate of use in 1997 ($2.8 billion). A growing number of the population are burdened by hectic lifestyles and unhealthy diets that lead to adverse health conditions such as stress, depression, diabetes, sleep disorders, etc. With the cost of healthcare climbing, more and more people are likely to opt for complementary and alternative medical treatments such as hypnosis that focuses on improving one’s overall health and well-being in a holistic approach. Snap 2012 pixs Hypno 5Holistic healthcare is highly effective as a preventative tool, treating the cause and the whole person rather than just the symptom. With rising numbers of people seeking complementary and alternative treatments, it is undoubtedly a propitious time to enter the growing Holistic Health and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Industry.

We offer a wide range of Professional Certification Courses throughout the year.

Courses Offered At Hypno Healing Institute:

We welcome you to train with us in our warm and inviting facility where inner-healing, personal-growth and transformation awaits you. See what our students have to say. To visit our facility, please call our office at 416.760.8996 or email us at info@hypno-healing.com to schedule your free consultation. Here is an Opportunity to be Personally Trained by Internationally Acclaimed Registered Psychotherapist, Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor Debbie Papadakis! Please note: All workshops and classes will be filmed, digitally recorded and photographed for training/advertising purposes. By attending these events you agree to the above.