1591815We offer a variety of workshops that allow you to get beneath your conscious thoughts and gain access to your remarkably powerful subconscious mind.  This is where true healing begins. EVERYONE has far greater potential than they realize.

We warmly invite you to join us at our workshops where we strive to empower, educate, inspire you with the power of Hypnosis.

Giving back to the community. We are proud donors and supporters of multiple local charities to which workshop proceeds are donated.

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Monthly Workshops

1703372Our monthly workshops vary month-to-month uncovering various topics such as Past Life Exploration, Releasing Blockages, Self-Hypnosis, How to Heal Relationships, and many more. Click here to register

Law of Prosperity

In this workshop, you will gain the appropriate skills to eliminate limiting beliefs that hold you back. Activate the shining star in you, transform negative emotions and create prosperity. Learn self-hypnosis, proper positive affirmations, clearing blockages, and many more! Click here to register

Create the Relationship You Desire

Bad relationships can take a heavy toll on you on an emotional and physical level. In this workshop, learn how to reprogram your mind to attract relationships you desire, become conscious of your current and past relationships, transform negative emotions and blockages into positive feelings. Call for Details

Anger Management

Uncover the underlying cause to your anger and stress. Discover safe and easy methods to overcome and eliminate these negative feelings. Bring harmony back into your life by clearing unwanted energy that is blocking you from the peace, joy, abundance and love you deserve. Click here to register

Please note: All workshops and classes will be filmed, digitally recorded and photographed for training/advertising purposes. By attending these events you agree to the above.