Most people think they are not. In fact 95% of people are hypnotizable!

The following quiz is designed for you to gain a better understanding into how you might react in different situations and how those reactions form patterns to determine how you process information.

Answer YES or NO to the questions below.  Answer as honestly as possible.

  1. Are you able to follow simple instructions?
  2. Have you ever daydreamed?
  3. Can you imagine the sound of a train whistle blowing?
  4. Have you ever been traveling in a car, lost in conversation and the travel time appeared to pass rather quickly?
  5. Can you sometimes arise from sleep to get a drink of water and go right back to sleep?
  6. Can you imagine yourself as one of the characters in your favourite film?
  7. Have you ever ‘rested your eyes’ in front of a television set because you were too comfortable to get up and go to bed?
  8. Are you able to meditate or pray?
  9. Have you ever been so caught up in reading a good book that you couldn’t put it down?
  10. While listening to a favourite song, can you remember where you were, what you were doing and who you were with when you first heard it?
  11. Have you ever cried or been frightened while watching a movie?
  12. Did you ever lose track of time while engrossed in something enjoyable?
  13. Do you have a strong belief system?
  14. Do you shudder at the thought of someone scratching his or her fingernails down the front of a chalkboard?
  15. If someone talks about a fear that you too have experienced, do you have an apprehensive or fearful feeling also?
  16. Does your mouth water at the thought of sucking on, or biting into a plump, juicy, sour lemon?
  17. Have you ever impulsively purchased a bag of popcorn, cinnamon roll or caramel apple because of the aroma filtering through the air?
  18. Do you have a vivid imagination?

If you overwhelming answered YES to the questions posted above….Congratulations! You are HYPNOTIZABLE!

Hypnotizability depends on a person’s expectations. Most people are hypnotizable under the right circumstances. If you think you are hypnotizable, your chances of going into an altered state are greatly improved.
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