Life between Lifetimes Spiritual Exploration and Empowering Human Potential

Trainer: Debbie Papadakis, RP, BCH

Online Class: TBA

Life between Lifetime methodology benefits all professional hypnotists who, through the use of spiritual regression, seek to help their clients access personal soul memories from the spirit world. The course offers detailed instructions that guide the client through childhood memories, into a past lifetime, to memories of the afterlife (between lifetimes), and back to the present lifetime.
This 40-hour course is based upon the work of Dr. Michael Newton (original work by Dr. Joel Whitton) who facilitated over seven thousand LBL clients during more than 30 years of personal research and development of clinical hypnosis techniques for spiritual regression.

“The Life Between Lifetimes course was both interesting and informative. I feel it was a vital part of my development as a Consulting Hypnotist. It made me see further into myself and opened a new doorway of opportunity to help others. Thank you!” ~ Isla Viscount

You will learn the following skills:

  • Discover your lifetime-between-lifetime adventures and learnings
  • Stimulate your personal reflection regarding the mysteries of multidimensional creation
  • Uncover some of the mysteries of life in the spirit world
  • Learn another stage of your soul history
  • Find answers to such questions as “Why am I here?” and “Where did I come from?”
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the procedure and process of spiritual regression
  • Help clients access the superconscious mind in a trance state to recall soul existence in the spirit world
  • Become aware of the succession of lifetimes, the continuity of life; note the cycles
  • Recognize the spirit world as a place of love and peace with advance beings ready to help you
  • Determine how to identify your mission for the current lifetime
  • Gain insight about your ideal
  • Become aware that spirit guides and masters have infinite patience

You will receive:

  • Personalized Instruction
  • Demonstration
  • Supervised practice
  • Script (a practical step-by-step guide)

Earn Certification by completing:

  • Open-book exam based on required reading
  • Complete 5 case studies

Course Details:
Dates: TBA
Time: 2:00pm – 6:00pm EST
Location: Hypno Healing Institute, 355 Keele Street
Total Investment: $2259.99


  • Required reading Life between Lives by Michael Newton
  • Hypnosis Training
  • Past Life Exploration Training
  • Knowledge of metaphysics is needed in order to be able to analyze the karmic influences with psychological and historical perspectives

Suggested Pre-requisites:

  • Symbolanalysis
  • Some study in psychology

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