This is an advanced course in hypnosis, designed and certified by Hypno Healing Institute Inc. Learn new techniques and expand your current practice. Explore challenging client cases, learn how to conduct rapid inductions, inductions for insomnia, interpret eye patterns and their meanings.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Professional Hypnosis Certification Training
Length of Training:  4 days (45 hour)
Upon successful completion of this course and submission of 3 case studies you will receive certification from Hypno Healing Institute
This course is of interest to (but not limited to) the following:
  • Practicing Hypnotists looking to further develop skills and expand current practice
  • Counselors/ Therapists
  • Healthcare practitioners (eg. dentist, nurse) who seek to incorporate hypnosis as a complement to their current practice
  • Holistic health workers
  • Medical professionals
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to run their own private practice
  • People seeking a career change
  • People seeking self-development and self-improvement

Course Overview

    • Rules of the mind
    • Rapport
    • Eye Patterns – Therapeutic Optical behaviour
    • Language skills
    • How to create a safe environment for the client
    • Dave Elman
    • Dealing with difficult clients
    • Parts integration
    • Regression – how to find the Initial Sensitive event (ISE)
    • Go to a hypnotic Esdaile state (hypnotic coma)
      • Ideomotor method
      • How to find the real issue
      • Early Inner conflict work
      • Interactive healing process
      • Resolving issues
      • Suggestions – how suggestions are accepted by the mind
      • Rapid inductions
      • Induction for insomnia
      • DecordingTM techniques
      After taking this class, how will I improve my client’s results?

      Expand and go beyond your current hypnosis practice. Help your clients achieve a deeper level of spiritual growth, emotional healing and holistic well-being.
      Why should I train at Hypno Healing Institute?
      • We cover material beyond the scope of the curriculum, introducing in-depth overview of modalities such as Voice Dialoging and Inner Child Work, and many more
      • In-depth overview of Relationship technique DecordingTM by founder itself, Debbie Papadakis
      • Practical, hands-on experience
      • Taught by a professional and experienced trainer (Board-Certified Master Hypnotist) who is actively involved in their practice
      • Experienced trainer shares a wealth of information and field experience accrued from 18 years of professional practice. Grow and develop invaluable practical knowledge that can be applied into your own practice.
      • Witness live powerful demonstrations where real issues are resolved on-the-spot. Learn proper, practical applications in how to resolve real-life issues
      • Intimate class size = personalized support
      • Tips on improving client interactions
      • Invaluable ongoing Mentoring

      World-class course supporting materials
      • Student training manual
      • Handouts

      Total Investment: $2,259.99

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      Satisfaction Guarantee

      We are confident that we will exceed your expectations! **Please be advised: If you cancel your registration, 1 week before the class starts you will receive a refund minus the $500 deposit which is non refundable. We appreciate your support! We would like to express our gratitude to our many students who continually support, promote, and endorse us.

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