Below are a List of Recent Publications and Media Appearances Featuring Debbie Papadakis and/or Hypno Healing Institute.


Merging Modalities: The Benefits of Using Hypnosis with Psychotherapy. Article by:
Debbie Papadakis, RP, CHt Released: Sept 2022


Sleep Deprivation: Hypnosis Is The Core of an Emotional Solution article by Debbie Papadakis and Jean Eljay in NGH Hypnogram Apr/May 2019 Issue








Find Your Life Purpose article in Vitality Magazine April 2015

media12Creating Powerful Relationships article in Vitality Magazine July/August 2016 Issue















Hypnotherapy and the Power of the Mind article in The

International Journal of Complementary & Alternative

Medicine Vol. 3, Issue 2 2016

media12Clearing Emotional Blocks in Vitality Magazine July/August 2013
















Exploring the Subconscious with Hypnosis to Alleviate

Insomnia article in The Australian Journal of Clinical

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Vol. 35, Number 2 Spring 2013

media12Prosperity By Hypnosis article in May 2011 Issue of Zoomer Magazine
















Love Hypnotist: Wash Your Troubles away with a

Past-life relationship Cleanse

media18World Hypnotism Day January 4, 2011 online article














Relax…You…Are…Getting…Bolder Article appeared in Oprah’s O Magazine and Later in O’s Big Book of Happiness!


Hypnotherapy Helps Heal the Mind and Soul
media7Dreaming of Sleep?
media6Self Hypnosismedia8



Optimizing Your Relationships
media8World Hypnotism Day January 4, 2010

media8                        World Hypnotism Day January 4, 2010media9Combating Procrastination
media13Helping People deal with


media14Helping People with Insomniamedia14







After years of helping people quit smoking,

hypnotists are now helping us deal with a recession.

Therapists put to sleep myths of hypnosis

Practicing the art of subconscious healing focus of gathering







Ming Pao Daily News
media4Debbie in the National Post

media5Mesmerizing Art Chips Away at Craving – article in Toronto Star








You Are Getting Very Sleepy – Anaesthetic?

The Outer By Robert Hercz

media3Stories Can Heal, but don’t let your narrative own you By Sibyl Preuschatmedia15












Exploring the Subconscious to Alleviate Insomnia by Debbie Papadakis





Alleviating Insomnia Through Hypnosis by Debbie Papadakis










Tiffy Thompson from Toronto Standard joined Hypno Healing Institute for our World Hypnotism Day Open House on Jan. 4, 2013







The Westside’s Story, Jodi Crawford, joined Hypno Healing Institute for our World Hypnotism Day Workshop Jan. 4, 2015









Alternative Therapy Focus: Hypnotherapy Featured in UK’s Soul and Spirit Magazine October 2015 Issue







World-Renowned, Board Certified Hypnotist is the

First Canadian to receive the 2012

Life Diplomate in Hypnotherapy Award.









Unlock the Door to Sleep Improvement

– The Journal of Hypnotism June 2011

Hypnosis for Cancer – The Journal of Hypnotism – Dec 2009media11








Hypnotism and Sleep Problems

– The Hypnogram – Apr-May 2009

Time Delay in Hypnotherapy and Biorythms

– The Journal of Hypnotism – Mar 2005









An Interview With Debbie Papadakis article in The Journal of Hypnotism December 2004












Elevated Radio Interview with Debbie Papadakis

Listen to Debbie Papadakis on the All Business Media FM With Rob Whetham

Listen to Debbie Papadakis on The No Fun Intended Podcast with Liz West and Mark Hebscher


Zoomer Radio AM740 With Richard Syrett – Past Life Regression with Hypnosis.

Zoomer Radio AM740 With Richard Syrett – What is Hypnosis? How will Hypnotherapy benefit me?

Zoomer Radio AM740 With Richard Syrett – Past Life Regression Through Hypnosis

Zoomer Radio AM740 With Richard Syrett – Past Life Regression Using Hypnosis Sept 28 2014.

NGH Teleseminar Elsom Eldridge Jr Interviews Debbie Papadakis & Dr. Jean Eljay

Overactive Bladder and Hypnosis on OWN TV’s Remedy Me!

Mending Relationships with Hypnosis – Slice TV’s Newly Wed Nearly Dead

Debbie Papadakis on CityNews: Keeping New Years Resolutions

Debbie Papadakis on Vision TV’s Conspiracy Theory: Past Life Regression Part 2.

Become empowered through hypnosis – Positive Living Television

Toronto Award-Winning Master Hypnotist on CityTV’s Breakfast Television

Hypnosis Toronto – Hypno Healing Institute

ADLER Many Hearts Debbie Papadakis Hypnotherapy 2021