Frequently Asked Questions

Private Sessions:

What is psychotherapy? Psychotherapy is primarily a talk-based therapy and is intended to help people improve and maintain their mental health and well-being. Registered Psychotherapists work with individuals, couples and families in individual and group settings. Psychotherapy occurs when the Registered Psychotherapist (RP) and client enter into a psychotherapeutic relationship where both work together to bring about positive change in the client’s thinking, feeling, behaviour and social functioning. Individuals usually seek psychotherapy when they have thoughts, feelings, moods and behaviours that are adversely affecting their day-to-day lives, relationships and the ability to enjoy life. What is hypnosis and how does it work?

“Hypnosis is the bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selected thinking” – Gerry Kein

Through hypnosis we can tap into our hidden power, dispel fears, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs to heal our mind and body. It guides us to create positive, long-lasting changes to reach our full potential In order to gain optimum results, you need to understand how the mind works and what actually transpires when you are struggling with an issue. Learn More

How effective is Hypnosis? Will I have to come for sessions years on end? Do keep in mind that hypnosis is a two way street. Effectiveness of the process depends on the Hypnotist’s experience, techniques and suggestions as well the client’s openness and receptivity to suggestions for positive results. Using a wide range of innovative therapeutic techniques our sessions help clients resolve underlying issues in a short amount of time and create positive, long-lasting results.

I was hypnotized in the past, but it didn’t work. Why will it work now? There are many different methods and practitioners of hypnosis. There are many reasons that it may not have worked in the past: The hypnotist/methods may not have been a good fit for you, you may still have had questions or fears about hypnosis, And so on… This is why we highly recommend scheduling a free 15-20 minute consultation with Debbie Papadakis to determine if hypnosis (method/hypnotist) is right for you.

What does hypnosis feel like? How will I know I am hypnotized? It varies from person to person. It is a very unique experience. In a hypnotic state, you are aware of your surroundings and can hear everything around you (even a pin drop!). You will be able to respond to the Hypnotist’s questions and suggestions and in the event that an emergency arises you will be able to respond accordingly.

How many sessions do I need?

It depends on the client and issue(s) they are working on but on average, a client may require anywhere between three to ten sessions. One session is 1 hour in length. We recommend scheduling a free 15-20 minute consultation with Debbie Papadakis to discuss this further.
Confidentiality and Ethical Practice We comply with the College of Registered Psychtotherapists of Ontario Professional Practice Standards for Registered Psychotherapists and Code of Ethics. Your information will be protected to the furthest extent possible under the law. Note, however, that if you become involved in legal proceedings such as a child custody case or civil suit, Despina (Debbie) Papadakis or its staff may be required to produce records or testify.

Professional Training

How do I become a Certified or Consulting Hypnotist and how long will it take? The first step is to take the Professional NGH Hypnosis Certification Training Course offered by an approved training school accredited by a professional hypnosis association such as NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) and/or IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association). Once this course is successfully completed, you may take advanced courses in hypnosis to enrich your hypnosis practice.

How can hypnosis enhance my current practice? Hypnosis is a holistic approach in maintaining and/or promoting health and wellness. Scientifically proven as a powerful adjunct that complements medical treatments, such as surgery/dentistry, as well as psychotherapy sessions.

How can I help others with hypnosis? By learning this transformational art you can assist others unveil the underlying cause of their problem(s) and free them from the hold their past has on their future. As a Consulting Hypnotist, you will find immense gratification being a consistent and positive voice in a hurting world.
How do I begin a career in hypnosis?

Hypnotists start their career by first:

1. Successfully completing the Professional Hypnosis Certification Training 

2. Either becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own business or work alongside other health practitioners in various fields such as Holistic Centers, Spas, Dental Offices, etc…

Can I make a living in the hypnosis Profession? It depends on how much you want to invest in your profession. Three must-haves of a successful hypnosis profession:

  • Ability to effectively apply the necessary hypnosis knowledge and skills in the chosen profession; built trust and credibility to increase word-of-mouth advertising, consequently building more business.
  • Sufficient capital to invest into the business.
  • Ability to garner marketing techniques, generate a buzz to get business up and running.

Additional ways to earn income as a Consulting Hypnotist:

  • Work with health practitioners in physician offices with their patients.
  • Teach self-hypnosis to individuals or in a group setting.
  • Hold small group hypnosis sessions.
  • Hold motivational workshops.

Why should I train at Hypno Healing Institute? At Hypno Healing Institute, our approach is supportive, personal, and effective where we strive to teach, learn, and grow with you in your journey to becoming a Consulting Hypnotist. Only at Hypno Healing Institute will you:

  • Obtain exclusive training and instructions in additional modalities that go beyond the standard curriculum.
  • Small intimate class size for personalized attention.
  • Learn exclusive techniques by the founder, Debbie Papadakis.
  • Obtain hands-on experience through powerful live demonstrations where real issues are resolved.

What kind of post-training support does HHI offer?

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