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Join Debbie Papadakis at the 2020 IACT/IMDHA Hypno Expo (April 24-26, 2020)

This lecture will introduce you to new, simple, and powerful hypnotic techniques that will enable the practitioner to clear any of their clients’ fears. Whether it is fear of water, heights, confined spaces, or spiders, these are the tools to resolve it for good!

Many people possess acute fears that debilitate their lives. This lecture will prepare you quickly and effectively to clear the fundamental causes of any fear and uncover the emotions contributing to it. Once those associated emotions are cleared, the fear will disappear automatically and the client’s life will be transformed for the better.

The lecture will include a demonstration with a volunteer to resolve their own fears. By learning these simple, ground-breaking, powerful, and effective techniques, practitioners will improve their skills in this booming field of hypnosis and place themselves at the forefront of work with fear!

Date: Saturday April 25, 2020
Time: 11:00am – 11:45am
Location: Online
Register: https://www.hypnosisalliance.com/conference_catalog.php


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