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Regression Therapy is based on pinpointing the source of any unwanted behavior. By removing the negative charges of the original events, you can help your clients achieve their goals in a short time. Techniques to neutralize the negative charges of the core/source events may include chair work, focusing, inner child, voice dialogue, energy work, chakra work, Decording and more. In this Presentation Debbie Papadakis will demonstrate how quickly you can access the subconscious database to find the source of current life issues and how to deal with them. By learning these ground-breaking, powerful and effective techniques you will find that your confidence will increase, your knowledge will expand and you will release any blockages and fears that are holding you back. Participate in a powerful demonstration and group exercise to personally experience breakthroughs and personal transformation. Receive a complete checklist of the Do’s and Don’ts of regressions and how to deal with resistant and difficult clients.


HypnoThoughts Live 2015 Conference
August 21-23, 2015
The Orleans Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV USA


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