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Get Ready To Leave Your Emotional Wounds Behind and Become Unstoppable

My friend and colleague, Katrine Horn, has invited me to speak at the Heal Your Heart Summit on May 3, 2017, an international online event that gathers authors, speakers, thought-leaders, mentors, therapists and life coaches around the theme of healing emotional wounds.

Debbie Papadakis Interview May 3 2017

The Heal Your Heart Summit begins April 21, 2017. Join us here: www.thehealyourheartsummit.com

I and all the speakers will be talking about how to love yourself and heal the wounds that are sabotaging your life and help you move forward with purpose and happiness. It’s entirely *f*r*e*e*!





By the end of the summit you’ll know how to

  • Communicate from heart to heart and not from brain cell to brain cell
  • Feel confident to engage in the career that inspires you and to know that this could be your reality
  • Feel like nothing will stop you
  • Get the opportunity to create what you‘ve wanted for so long
  • Understand the real purpose and value of your unique wounds in your life and change how you think about them

Please Join Us! www.thehealyourheartsummit.com


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