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Join Debbie Papadakis at the NGH 2018 Annual Convention Exhibition and Educational Conference in Marlborough, MA USA! (August 10-12, 2018)

Disorganized-Sleep: Healthcare is Seriously Dropping the Ball with Dr. Jean Eljay

Disorganized-sleep is already in epidemic proportions. This severe problem is growing exponentially mainly because of the world condition and the individual’s position in this evolving world. Of these affected, too many are not receiving the care that they desire and deserve. We provide an easy to learn and straightforward method that is the result of decades of diligent efforts. Catastrophic and personal life changing events result from disorganized-sleep. Learn to protect your clients and their loved ones from the negative impacts of these intrusive sleep problems.

Date: Saturday August 11, 2018
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center – Marlborough, Massachusetts
Register Online: https://ngh.net/training/2018-ngh-annual-convention/


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