The Law of Prosperity Workshop

Do you believe that you have to work hard to make money or that bad luck follows you everywhere you go?  This workshop shows you how to use the POWER of your mind to heal the past and transform your future. We help launch you down the Path of Prosperity where virtually anything is within your reach.

Things that once seemed impossible quickly pass into the welcome realm of the possible. You learn to let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back. You transform harmful negative emotions into powerful positive feelings that let you accomplish anything…even the financial riches of your dreams.

Using the power of your mind, we help you to discover and overcome blockages that hold you back from reaching YOUR full potential. We use many powerful, yet simple techniques to transform any negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are hidden as blockages which hinder people from achieving success. As a result of our powerful processes, our workshop participants experience immediate and long term results that include abundance, higher incomes, inner peace and success in any area that they choose.

In this workshop you will:
• Clear all your blockages that hinder your prosperity
• Clear negative emotions
• Transform negative emotions into positive feelings
• Get ready to create the prosperity YOU deserve!

…$297 + GST

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What Our Participants Have To Say:

“You have helped me to achieve the success that I dreamed of……beyond my expectations!” – Chara Hunter

“Profoundly impactful. I now understand the powerful energies at play in my life. I know that I decide and I create my reality. It’s not complicated!! It is complex.”
– Catherine Stewart

Since experiencing the workshop I’ve had some of the best sales I’ve ever experienced.  I’ve gained confidence in myself and believe that I can attain all of my goals.  I am worthy and deserving of great abundance.  You are truly a gift to the world.  I’m very grateful our paths have crossed.  I look forward to our next event.
– Sylvie

“As with every other course I’ve taken with Debbie, I have only good things to say. She’s a dynamic teacher, very clear, interacts fully with every individual & facilitates great change.”
– F.K. – Hypnotist

“Debbie is a wonderful warm, kind, healing & entertaining facilitator.”
– Dawn Grimmer – TV Producer

“I really enjoy this work, and I thank you for the changes that have been made internally which will be reflected in my life externally day by day. I am curious (excited) to see the changes unfold.”
– Marty McFly – Artist/Musician

This workshop may be photographed and/or digitally recorded with audio and/or video.