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Written Testimonials

“I feel transformed on a personal level plus I know things have shifted and cleared. I feel very optimistic about my new career as a hypnotist. I feel grateful for what I’ve learned and while I’m eager to practice and help people, I am also eager to learn and study more. I feel very blessed and very grateful to have found this modality. Thank you Debbie!! You will be seeing me again!!!”
Julia Petrisor, Professional Hypnosis Certification Training

“Loved the program. Debbie is awesome. Thank you!”
C.K, Professional Hypnosis Certification Training

“This course has elevated my mind to new possibilities in my life. It has developed how I think, my energy, and how I view the world. I will be using these powerful tools in my private practice to help my clients along their personal journey.”
Michelle Pena, Professional Hypnosis Certification Training

“This has been a transformational experience that I will never forget. Thank you Debbie for your knowledge, your stories of your experiences with clients and the amazing way this course is structured. It was great that we got to work on our own issues while at the same time learning how to work with clients.”** Sabine Houlden, Professional Hypnosis Certification Training

“Debbie is an amazing teacher. She is knowledgeable, authentic, and she cares about her students and their success. He sharing, her stories, and her expertise have helped me to benefit personally, and will help me professionally, I look forward to taking more classes with Debbie in the future.”** Therese, Professional Hypnosis Certification Training

The Life Between Lifetimes course with Marjorie Reynolds was both interesting and informative. I feel it was a vital part of my development as a Consulting Hypnotist. It made me see further into myself and opened a new doorway of opportunity to help others. Thank you!”** Isla Viscount, Life Between Lifetimes Training

“As a professional behavioral health consultant and human services Ph.D. student living in the District of Columbia, I get to observe and help treat all kinds of unwanted behavior on a daily basis. So when I realized two years ago that I had symptoms of mild depression – as evidenced by chronic procrastination, excessive television viewing, overeating and insomnia – I decided to seek some kind of help but I didn’t want it to take a long time. I went to a psychiatrist who gave me some pills that helped a little but mainly put a happy end to my three-year relationship with nicotine gum. I had no desire to play “musical meds” with the good doctor so I just kept staying up late, watching TV and stuffing my face instead of doing my homework, going to bed at a reasonable hour and paying bills on time.

On September 20, 2008 I went to my auto repair shop for a scheduled oil change. The owners, Francisco Costa and his wife Monica are two very pleasant, former State Department employees from Brazil who decided to stay in the Washington Metropolitan region and start their own business. As the office manager, Monica is frequently there on Saturday. We always engage in very pleasant conversation on a limitless variety of topics because she is a warm, gregarious, well rounded, instantly likable friend to nearly everyone. This day she was not at the garage so while I waited for Francisco to finish, I mindlessly reached into the magazine rack below my chair for something to read and came up with a surprisingly well-preserved copy of the July 2007 issue of O magazine. I found an article by a woman who traveled all the way from Mexico to Toronto, Canada for a 6-hour session with Hypnotist Debbie Papadakis that resulted in her overcoming a lifetime of debilitating shyness. I was so impressed, because shyness is one of my many limitations, that I decided to check it out for myself.

When I called to make the appointment I was pleasantly surprised that Debbie herself answered the phone. (I didn’t know at the time that she had already left me a voicemail message in response to my online request for information). She asked me if I would fill out a questionnaire she would email to me, and suggested a lovely bed and breakfast within walking distance to her institute as I had no idea where I would stay never having traveled outside of the United States alone before. (My only previous experience was when I took an Amtrak excursion with my family for a long weekend in Montreal in 1999 and last winter vacationed with some friends in Quintana Roo, Mexico). She told me she had experience helping people with the kinds of issues I presented and said she would try to help me. We decided to have two three-hour sessions over the course of two days.

Part of my ability to proceed right away was based on the fact that I had some extra money (for a change), enough PTO from work even though I just started a new job, and a desperate need to tackle a school assignment that should have been finished six months ago. I also thought that finding the treatment useful, I could proceed with taking the hypnosis certification training Debbie conducts because many of my clients, friends and family members are struggling with pain management and other difficult issues. I could hardly believe I was actually following through with this seemingly impulsive, big decision without hesitation, and only twenty-six short days after reading the magazine article I found myself flying out of Reagan National Airport on the morning of Thursday, October sixteenth.

As my plane approached Toronto Pearson International airport, it was still dark and I was amused to see the endless ribbons of light made by auto headlamps in rush hour traffic. It was a cool, partly cloudy day but dry. I felt as if I hadn’t left D.C. at all. After a short period of processing with Customs, I caught a taxi to the Inverness High Park B&B which the driver found quickly. I had time for a decent nap before my one o’clock appointment. Elizabeth Leslie, the Inverness proprietor, gave me simple directions to the HHI which was just a ten minute walk away. I grabbed lunch at a hamburger joint a few doors from the institute because I didn’t want anything (like growling stomach) to interfere with the session.

Debbie reviewed the questionnaire that I completed a few days before following the direction to “don’t think about your answers.” We discussed some of my most difficult issues and then she seated me in a very, very comfortable black leather recliner and covered me with a beautiful pashmina-type blanket. As she began to induce me into altered consciousness, I couldn’t help thinking “I’m still thinking whatever I want – she’s not making me think anything different than what I would be if she weren’t telling me to relax, just rela-a-ax.”

Before I knew it, I could hear myself speaking easily to Debbie about things I don’t normally discuss or hadn’t thought about in many years. She was sort of flushing out my problems moment by moment and at the same time giving me affirmations about myself and my life that I knew were true but never saw fit to express until she reminded me I could. When she exhorted me to “send love, pink colored love from your body to others” that was the moment I realized the meaning of power. Gradually, I was able to perceive the essence of people, places and things to which I had little access for a long time, if ever. In this process, I began to realize that my limitations are illusions based on forgetfulness of the nature of personal power. I now know I can draw on my past experiences, relationships, my belief in good, desire to achieve, and a clearer understanding that I am a very valuable person to change my unwanted behaviors.

It’s only been a week and I’ve already gotten to sleep very quickly at night, awakened feeling completely rested, begun reading books I’d put down in favor of television, become more discriminating about my viewership and stopped using television as a couch potato companion, started to take brisk walks in the morning before work and longer walks in the evening, developed more positive self-talk, returned more phone calls both business and personal, stopped eating candy everyday (that’s a miracle in itself) and asked for time off from work to return to Toronto for Debbie’s training next month. I feel confident that, not just some, but all of my most troublesome behavioral deficiencies will self-correct and that I can have and be whatever I reasonably want. I have always wanted to become a healer somewhat like the biblical saints. Now, my prayers have been answered and I can’t wait to go back and learn some of Debbie’s treasured techniques that have already begun to change my life.”** Sheila, Hypnosis Training

“I was very impressed the first time I met Debbie Papadakis. She has great energy and is very passionate about what she does. Her desire to help people and the results that Debbie achieves are very impressive. Debbie made the course extremely enjoyable. I feel very enriched after taking this course.”** Dianne O’Toole, Professional Hypnosis Training

“Debbie is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer of the program. She is articulate and teaches in an informal setting. Her easy going style allows the student to learn the material and grow as an individual.”** Linda Lawson, Professional Hypnosis Training

“Debbie is an excellent teacher and a beautiful, wonderful person. Her method of teaching this course was effective, yet enjoyable. All materials were presented in a professional manner and I feel I benefited in such a great way from this training. What a beautiful experience to have been Debbie’s student.”** Donna Lake-Slade, Professional Hypnosis Training

“Debbie, you are so giving of yourself and all your knowledge. Thank-you so much for all you give, may the universe repay you ten fold. Thank-you.”** Jody Mizrachir, Professional Hypnosis Training

“Debbie you are very nurturing person and I feel that I got a lot more out of this class then I would any where else since you incorporated a healing attitude, not just Hypno- therapy.”** Jackie Dyson, Professional Hypnosis Training

“I experienced Debbie to be very well versed in all the information that was pertinent to the course. I really enjoyed all the additional information Debbie gave. Debbie is an excellent teacher and took a lot of time to be sure we know everything very carefully. Debbie adds a feeling of adventure and fun to the course. I feel blessed to have worked with her.”** Carolyn Long, Professional Hypnosis Training

“I loved my teacher, Debbie Papadakis. She gave life to the theory and scripts, with passion and practical knowledge. The scripts are a good foundation. The course was clear and well organized.”** Erica Ross Professional Hypnosis Training

“Debbie Papadakis is a wonderful instructor and an outstanding role model of someone who is practicing clinical Hypno-therapy. She was able to illustrate each chapter/methodology with actual cases and examples of “Hypnotic Miracles”. Debbie’s skill level is exceptional and her empathy and genuine care for others is amazing. Debbie loves what she does and is truly inspired by her skills and her product.”** Dianne McConnell, Professional Hypnosis Training

“Debbie knows her material very well and she is knowledgeable and does not hesitate to share her experiences. Debbie is a wonderful and caring person who gives without question. I am deeply impressed with her “openness”.”** Ryhan Khan, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie Papadakis is a wonderful person and teacher. She is very caring and supportive. I thoroughly enjoyed her and this program.” Thank-you”** Kristine Keough, Hypnosis Training

“I felt very inspired and it exceeded my expectations. I feel I found the right instructor for me – a combination of knowledge, practical experience and in her heart. Opportunities to have Debbie work on a one to one basis with us was very helpful.”** Nan Marks M.S.W., Hypnosis Training

“Debbie is a wealth of knowledge. She shared so many experiences with us to help us to understand. A warm and compassionate person so dedicated to her profession. The course is well written with great content and description. Encourage practicing hypnosis on others more.”** Virginia Scrimgeour, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie is a supportive and thought full teacher and as a person loving and understanding. You tend to learn much faster from someone like that.”** Ronald Holder, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie Papadakis is a gifted teacher. Not only does she communicate all the information, but does so with such compassion, love of her work, and love of knowledge that the depth of learning is increased everyday. I recommend her teaching and her approach to learning whole-heartedly.”** William Gough, Hypnosis Training

“The trainer is extremely knowledgeable and affable. She presented the material (and there was a lot of it) in a very understandable and comprehensive manner. She was always easily approachable, helpful, supportive and enthusiastic.”** Tania A. Hreczko – Geneticist/Research, Scientist/Professor, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie was extremely brilliant and critical to both my knowledge base, intellect and confidence. Despite my personal foray into hypnosis is past years, Debbie exceeded my most skeptical expectation. I truly cannot think of a better forum nor dynamic for the immersion into the study of Hypnosis. I can literally hit the ground running with this program behind me.”** Patrick Meagher – Legal Advocate/Educator, Hypnosis Training

“The type of training was wonderful. Everything that was taught is useful. Debbie, our teacher, is the best as a person and is the best as a teacher.”** Eugenia Rogovoy, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie Papadakis has helped me to change and transform my outlook on life and people in our society to be able to look at people with a whole new perspective.”** Catherine Wilson – Psychic Reader, Hypnosis Training

“The trainer is very knowledge about all the materials taught in the course, and put extra time into us in order to help us understand better.”**  Simeon MP, Hypnosis Training

“She’s a very knowledge, professional trainer. She doesn’t let you get bored or disinterested. Being in her class made lots of Positive changes in my life. I will never forget the impact she put in my life.”** Mona Rezaie – Law Clerk, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie really related to the students and I personally believe she can help anyone. I h ave already recommended her class and sessions do some of my friends.”** Tracey Epitropou, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie is a powerful presenter with a broad scope of knowledge and experience, I learned much more than I thought I would. This course has enabled me to immediately incorporate the techniques with the people I am working with.”** Kimberley Reader, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie is an empathic teacher who puts 100% of herself into teaching this course. She has the ability to make you feel that you are important and every question is acceptable. I am also happy to know that she will make herself available if I need help or support with a client. I have also learned a lot about myself through this course.”** Ann Richards – Hypnotist/Medical Secretary, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie is an excellent teacher. She ensures that everything is fully understood, is completely open to any question and is passionate about hypnosis. She gave numerous demonstrations, plus numerous opportunities for us, as students, to practice in a very supportive environment. Having been taught by Debbie, I am confident I have the necessary tools to do a beneficial job.”** F.K., Hypnosis Training

“When I saw Hypno Healing Institute Inc. compared to other people’s courses I somehow had a strange feeling that Debbie was more of a genuine trainer who will give me all the insights of Hypnotism & hypnosis. My instincts were correct. No problem in recommending all my friends or refer her for treatment.”** G.B.B. – Service Manager, Hypnosis Training

“This course was great I really like the fact that we have 2 binder of handouts to constantly refer to @ home. Also, feels accessible and seems that her only goal is not money, but to spread the word about Hypnosis and it’s value. This festers a sense of faith with in the students towards Debbie as well as hypnosis in general. I feel I have gained some skills that will help towards changing my life and my career. Debbie’s faith in hypnosis is contagious. She gives you the ability to see the power with in yourself and within others. Her passion is incredible and inspiring. I have never found another course as beneficial as this one.”** ecilia Bax – Project leader, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie explained and demonstrated hypnosis very well. I learned so much and have been transformed. I felt empowered and enlightened. I know I will be helping many people in their transformation and healing. Thank you.”** J.R., Hypnosis Training

“Debbie helped me to understand hypnosis in so many ways that I am leaving feeling comfortable and confident to use hypnosis as a wonderfully valuable tool in therapy. Her explanations and examples were vivid and easy to understand. She is extremely knowledgeable and is able to teach her knowledge with ease and simplicity. Great experience, thanks!”** Niki Xidias – Psychotherapist, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie Papadakis is a great compassionate instructor. She uses a lot of examples to demonstrate what she is trying to teach us. Debbie has a wealth of knowledge and is very willing to share with her students. She is very understanding that we are new at this and is very patient in explaining theories.”** Jacqueline Quesnel Craft – Retired Flight Attendant, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie Papadakis really has a broad based knowledge of hypnosis as well as other subjects. She has first class rapport and understanding of people and is marvelously helpful to her trainees. This course is eye opening and mind opening. Thanks Debbie!”** Paul O’Neil – Teaching Assistant, Hypnosis Training

“I really like the way Debbie incorporates spirituality and energy into the course. It didn’t seem so “scientific”. There was so much more to this course than just learning how to hypnotize. It was a very interactive group – we were encouraged to share our own experiences so there was learning – for me – on many different levels! I really enjoyed it and it made me want to keep moving forward on this career path.”** Natalie Stiver, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie has a natural talent for making you feel comfortable right from the start, so it’s safe to say – Debbie is HYPNOTIC. She covers the course material thoroughly and usually covers material with supplement beyond the course requirement support with real examples that shows her depth of experience. I look forward to do more courses with her in the near future and will highly recommend her teaching to all who are seeking.”** Edwin Zhao, Hypnosis Training

“I absolutely loved it! Is there really anymore to say? Debbie is blessing to us all.”** Tracey Epitropou, Hypnosis Training

“Debbie is a generous and gifted healer and teacher. She is clearly a wonderful practitioner with such a breadth of knowledge to share. It has been a real privilege to learn from and with her. Thank-you.”** Anonymous, Hypnosis Training

“I feel this course was very enlightening and educational to me. Thank you.”** J. Rudnick, Hypnosis Training

“Truly amazing course perhaps because of the experiences. Transformational. Debbie is truly inspirational. This course has changed the patterns of my life.”** Donna Goode – RN/Iridologist/palmist, Past Life Regression Training

“I enjoyed this course and I have discovered ways to remove some of my own blockages as well.”** K.C., Past Life Regression Training

“An array of knowledge. Sharp clarity when working. Capacity to take people to deep spiritual levels. Thank you. You are quite gifted, Debbie.”** H.P., Past Life Regression Training

“I thought the course was great. Debbie is an excellent teacher. Her demonstrations are incredible. She is so willing to answer any questions a student may have and she always makes sure everyone in class understands everything taught. She shares her expertise with her storytelling and it’s a pleasure to be in her class.”** Kathy Mckay Past Life Regression Training

“Dynamic, excellent ability to teach, very accessible to students.”** F.K., Past Life Regression Training

“Debbie is a very high energy woman. She keeps the course interesting from start to finish. She is very helpful with all students. Debbie is very knowledgeable and goes beyond for her students. I have recommended Debbie for several friends & know they will be as impressed as I am.”** Dianne O’Toole, Past Life Regression Training

“Excellent course! Past Life Regression is an excellent addition to the Hypnosis course. It is a must have to enhance the practice of hypnosis.”** A.G. – Health Care Consultant, Past Life Regression Training

“Debbie is a gifted, talented, compassionate, healer and teacher, who is personally growing and expanding exponentially in her fields of expertise. A natural leader, well done!”** Dianne McConnell – Property Manager/Artist, Reiki Training

“I recommend this course to everyone that wish to change their lives and turn wrongs and negative thinking into a positive way of living. I feel now more secure and able to help more people in different ways.”** Sheila Martinez, Reiki Training

“An amazing class! Debbie’s Knowledge and enthusiasm make for an incredible experience. I want to take every course you have to offer!”** Carl Roulston Reiki Training

“I find Debbie to be very passionate in what she believes. The Reiki program that she teaches is very clear and straight forward. I find honesty and self determination in every detail of the subjects presented.”** Ronald Charles Holder, Reiki Level I Training

“I couldn’t imagine taking this course from a different teacher. She lives up to her credentials and more. I want to learn much more from my teacher. I found her and her work fascinating. The time went by very quickly.”** Christine Lundy, Reiki Level I Training

“Debbie has warmth that envelopes and inspires the class. There is a sincerity that makes you pay attention and open yourself up to the learning experience completely. The energy in the room and amongst the people was excellent. I’m sure Debbie has a lot to do with that. Congratulations!”** Angelika Heim, Reiki Level I Training

“I like Debbie’s abilities to share personal and professional experiences. I especially enjoy the hands on experiences. Debbie’s humor is an asset to her teachings.”** Sherry Dionne, Reiki Level I, II Training

“Debbie is very open and willing to answer all questions. She is knowledgeable and generous.”** Catherine Stewart, Reiki Level I Training

“I immensely enjoyed the workshop thanks! Thanks for not rushing the class. Trainer was very informative and made you feel very relaxed.”** W.D., Reiki Level I Training

“Debbie Papadakis was and is the most patient and knowledgeable Reiki master and teacher I have ever experienced. I really believe her passion and truly believe her compassion is what compels us as students to retain and use what she conveys as a teacher.”** Richard W. Bond, Reiki Level I Training

“Debbie was delightful, knowledgeable and was very attentive to all students.”** Nancy Van Sickle, Reiki Level I Training

“An informative day filled with openness, knowingness, love, joy and peace. Thank you.”** Violet, Reiki Level I Training

“Debbie is an excellent teacher, very dear, very thorough. She answers all questions thoroughly and makes sure every aspect of what she is teaching is understood. I very much enjoy every class with her and learn so much.”** F.J.K.,  Reiki Level I Training

“Very inspiring, Debbie is a great teacher and very knowledgable. It was a pleasure attending the course.”** Marilyn Fung, Reiki Level I Training

“The class was very educational to me. I really enjoyed it. Debbie is a great teacher. She explains every detail of the course to the best of her knowledge. She answers any questions and makes sure each student understands the material.”** Kathy Mckay,  Reiki Level I Training

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course with Debbie. This is my 3rd course with Debbie.”**  Anonymous Reiki Level I Training

“I felt very safe, warm & comforted by Debbie. She holds the energy space for all to feel at ease plus imparts the information. I feel she walks her talk and isn’t about to miss sharing or capturing every opportunity that presents itself! I didn’t have any expectations when I came in but left feeling inspired and deeply touched.”**  Ramakanta Gilverson, Energy Therapist, Reiki Level I, II Training

**Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.**