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1 Hour Lecture at the IACT/IMDHA Hypno Expo 2017

Date: Friday May 19, 2017
Time: 3:00pm – 3:45pm
Location: Daytona Beach resort, 2700N Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach Florida 32118 USA

We live in a fast-paced world. Once, bulky computers took hours to process information and produce results. Today, computers and other electronic devices are compact and deliver results in seconds. Like technology, therapy has also evolved to resolve issues (emotional, psychological, and behavioural) and produce results in a much shorter time frame.
Regression Therapy is the process of guiding clients to the source of their issues or unwanted feelings and behaviors. By removing the emotional charges and impressions of the original events, participants will be able to clear their life issues and stop the unwanted behavior all at once.
Learning this effective, ground-breaking Process will give you greater confidence in your work and give you everything you need in order to safely and effectively use regression therapy with their clients.
Participants will learn the significance of deep-rooted emotional problems and will become competent in a clear, effective technique for clearing them permanently.

Participants will observe Demonstrations and Engage in Powerful Class Presentations to:

  • Learn to trace the root cause of ANY complex issue within a matter of minutes
  • Apply this knowledge of root causes to effective and targeted therapy
  • Become proficient in a variety of key modalities for regression therapy
  • Learn which appropriate techniques to use in order to transform past negative impressions to positively change the future

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