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2 hour Workshop at the IACT/IMDHA Hypno Expo 2017

Date: Sunday May 21, 2017
Time: 10:00am – 11:45sm
Location: Daytona Beach resort, 2700N Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach Florida 32118 USA

The primary objective of this workshop is to introduce students to new, simple, and powerful techniques to enable clearing fears of all kinds, ranging from fears of water to heights, confined spaces, commitment, needles, spiders, and a variety of others.

Many people’s lives are crippled by debilitating fears. This workshop will teach students how to quickly and effectively clear the causes of a client’s fear and the corresponding emotions that create that fear. Using these techniques to clear those emotions and associations will allow students to resolve client fears rapidly and permanently.
You can transform your/clients life by clearing negative emotions using these ground-breaking and effective techniques.
The workshop will include demonstrations and group exercises that students can participate in to resolve their own fears then and there. This hands-on, experiential approach ensures that students will become proficient in the technique by the end of the workshop. It is essential for hypnotists looking to expand their practice to facilitate transformations for clients debilitated by chronic fear.

Participants will learn effective techniques to trace the root cause of any of their client’s fears, remove those fears, and empower them to enhance and transform their lives.

Participants will observe In-class Demonstrations and Engage in Powerful Class Presentations to:

  • Learn how fears are created
  • Apply tools learned to help their clients get rid of their fears and release the emotions contributing to those fears
  • Learn how to identify fears
  • Use specific techniques to assist clients in resolving problems in their past that are causing present-day symptoms
  • Learn the most effective route to finding fear’s cause
  • Apply effective methods to encourage clients to confront their fears
  • Understand the use of proper and sympathetic language when discussing clients’ fears
  • Learn how to leverage simple, proven techniques for helping clients move forward and overcome fear, improving their lives and giving the hypnotists far greater competence.

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