A professional singer, Alama Kante, has sung through surgery to remove a tumour from her throat, so surgeons could avoid damaging her vocal cords.
“The pain of such an operation is intolerable if you are fully awake. Only hypnosis enables you to stand it,” Professor Dhonneur was reported as saying to French publication Le Figaro.

According to an anesthesiologist at the University of Iowa, hypnosis is approximately 65-70% effective against pain. Surgical teams now prepare patients for surgery with hypnosis to reduce the required amount of anesthetic, simplify the procedure, reduce pain, and speed healing (Time, 2006).

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Research shows an increasing awareness and acceptance of using alternative medicine as a more natural approach to healthcare. A study conducted by British Columbia’s Fraser Institute titled Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Canada: Trends in Use and Public Attitudes found that in 2006, more than one-half (54%) of Canadians reported using at least one alternative therapy in the year prior to the survey.

Holistic healthcare is highly effective as a preventative tool, treating the cause and the whole person rather than just the symptom. With rising numbers of people seeking complementary and alternative treatments, it is undoubtedly a propitious time to enter the growing Holistic Health and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Industry.

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