We are excited to announce that the International Board For Regression Therapy has released their new book:

What’s a Past Life Got to Do with It?: And What a Past Life Regression Can Do for You!

This book is an anthology of past life stories from a variety of authors including our very own, Debbie Papadakis!

Read an excerpt from Debbie’s contribution piece: Healing Past Life Wounds To Transform Present Relationships:

“At a time when society seems keenly focused on the divisions among us, one similarity persists: in any given moment, every one of us is interacting in relation to someone or something. Past Life Regression Therapy is effective for many issues, and for may reasons. When it comes to relationships, Past life regression can show the history of a person’s threads and connections across all lifetimes on Earth and explore the major themes of these relationships. The further we go back into our own history, the greater the potential for deeper healing.”

Pick up a copy on AMAZON.COM or Amazon.ca

All the best,

Hypno Healing Institute