Journey to a Past Life, resolve issues, expand your awareness and enjoy a restful night’s sleep with our Exclusive holiday CD bundle.
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Healing Through Past Life Exploration CD:
Past Life Regression (PLR) is a recall of other (previous) lifetimes, memories of which are stored in the unconscious mind. These memories come forth from deep within the unconscious, as stories that have a positive or negative effect in our present life. Through these explorations we can find the root cause of our issues and resolve them. It gives us the opportunity to heal our physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Welcome Back…

Journey Into The Subconscious CD:
The Journey Into The Subconscious audio CD will help you to enter into your inner most sacred space and helps you to release any obstacles that hinder you from achieving your goals and to bring tranquility and peacefulness.

Deep Night’s Sleep CD:
Overcome your sleep issues with International Leading Expert Hypnotist, Debbie Papadakis! Other hypnotists flock to her specialized trainings at conferences to learn her methods for dealing with Insomnia.
This Deep Night’s Sleep audio CD will help you to relax your body & mind in order to achieve a good night’s sleep. This will improve your health, and overall well being. You will feel rested and energized and ready to begin the day.