What is stress?  When we experience a situation we automatically evaluate it and decide on how to deal with it and what skills we can use.  If the demands of the situation outweigh the skills we possess, we deem the situation/experience “stressful”.  While some stressors are positive (birth, promotion) and we don’t feel threatened by them, others evoke a negative reaction and at such times, it is our perception/attitude that counts.   When reacting negatively to a stressor we activate our body’s stress response i.e. “flight or fight” reaction. 

Stress management techniques help in coping with stressful times and create positivity.  The following is my list of techniques to help reduce stress effectively.

1. Take the time to check/scan your body, emotions and behavior/reactions

2. Remember the Mind-Body-Breath connection – physical & breathing exercises are invaluable stress busters

3. Cultivate a positive attitude in all situations- there is always a gift in every experience

4. Develop a spiritual connection with yourself and life

5. Plan pleasurable activities including spending time with loved ones. Surround yourself with positive minded people.

6. Remember the adage “you are what you eat”?  Your nutrition/diet are an integral part of your well-being.

7. Put Insomnia to bed!  Sleep is intrinsically related and directly proportional to stress.

8. Overcome the need for perfection.  Life is work-in-progress

9. Find the things that help you calm raging emotions, namely anger, Self-defeating behaviours are counteractive to eliminating stress

10. “As within so without”.  Your perception and reaction will ultimately define how you manage stress.  Seek professional help, if required, to help you clear past and/or present issues that are stress-provoking

When dealing with stress, each person is unique in tolerance levels, coping abilities, reactions and therapeutic needs.  It is possible to create new/positive responses that replace old/negative reactions to stressful events in the past/present.

Effective and long-lasting relief can be accomplished through “desensitization”, which can be brought about through Hypnosis.