The most common myth and frequently asked question in Hypnosis is “Will I lose control over myself?”

Most people’s understanding of Hypnosis is stage hypnosis, which is for entertainment purposes.  In contrast, clinical/therapeutic hypnosis is well-recognized, legitimate, effective & lasting and can help resolve many issues/addictions.

“We are on auto-pilot or in a state of hypnosis during many daily activities like, driving, watching TV and washing dishes. Hypnosis is actually a heightened state of awareness or focused attention”, says Debbie Papadakis, Master Hypnotist & Trainer, Hypno Healing Institute.

A typical session involves reclining comfortably in a chair, while your body becomes relaxed, your mind is focused. Once the root cause of the issue is uncovered then helpful, positive, action-oriented suggestions/metaphors are conveyed to achieve the therapeutic results desired.  Feedback mechanisms are used to test the level of receptivity.

Therapeutic hypnosis is a gentle experience. You are always in control of yourself and can stop the process at any time you choose.

Hypnosis is a communicative process that allows the conscious and subconscious minds to believe in the same positive message. Hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind – suspends critical judgment while the subconscious mind remains alert/receptive to suggestion – focused attention.

Archeologists unearth artifacts; similarly Hypnosis is a way of accessing personal artifacts hidden in the subconscious mind, allowing us to find the root cause of most physical and emotional problems.  Hypnosis is a way of accessing and releasing problems created by decisions and beliefs formed by past negative experiences and the accompanying emotional distress and/or physical dis-ease.

January 4, 2013 is the 9th Annual World Hypnotism Day. This day hypnotists world-wide host events to raise awareness about the therapeutic uses and benefits of hypnosis as well as dispel myths & misconceptions. To commemorate World Hypnotism Day, Hypno Healing Institute will host an open house to answer any questions on hypnosis followed by a Workshop: Transform Yourself into a Prosperity Magnet. Visit