Journey into the past using Past Life Exploration, find your personal artifacts and transform your life.

Archeologists find artifacts. Past Life Exploration takes you back in time to find your own artifacts that can reveal the root cause of problems like health-issues, fears & phobia’s, relationships and finance etc. Uncovering and resolving these issues, which may stem from the past, often past lives will help you overcome them in the present.

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience” – Pierre Diehard de Chardon (1881-1955)
Past lives are previous lifetimes where your soul experienced a different physical body in a different time and place. This continual cycle of lifetimes, supports the evolution of the soul.

The Ancient Eastern symbol of Ying & Yang represents the soul’s evolution and the development of the physical form; together they form the infinite circle of life- the continual recreation of the body and soul.

Past Life Exploration Therapy is based on the principles of Dharma – The Law of Universal Order and Karma – The Law of Cause & Effect. The purpose of which is to learn the lessons we are meant to, through each lifetime and pave the way to enlightenment.

Past Life Exploration can help you clear and release: relationship contracts; acute, chronic stress and illness; emotional blocks; fears, phobias and anxiety, strange memories, “odd” thoughts and unproductive repetitive behaviours. It promotes physical and emotional healing by reconnecting the ‘lost’ parts of the self.
Past Life Exploration is a powerful tool for self-exploration and healing and does not require you to believe in it for it to work for you.

Learn more about Healing through Past Life Exploration at our workshop on November 10, 2017 at Hypno Healing Institute.
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Debbie Papadakis