Is your life at a standstill?
You have every intention to transform your life but find it difficult to initiate change and move forward?
If so, you may have emotional blockages – much like an invisible wall – that is blocking your ultimate pathway to greater success and happiness.

Emotional blocks are negative emotions and suppressed feelings that hold us back from moving forward in life. It is typically created without conscious realization, we subconsciously hold limiting beliefs that result in self-defeating behaviors/patterns which contribute to self-sabotage.

Interestingly, these blockages act as a defense mechanism to protect us from reliving the pain and suffering experienced in the past.

Do I Have Blockages?

“I am not good enough.” “I don’t think I can do it.”
Does that sound familiar?

Individuals with blockages often engage in negative self-talk and discouraging beliefs that stunt emotional growth, obstruct financial prosperity, and inhibit full contentment in life. Pay closer attention to your internal conversation. What are you telling yourself?

Physical Symptoms

Emotions that are repressed blocks the natural flow of our energy, resulting in physical manifestations like chronic pain, anxiety, migraines, and other forms of illness. It is usually a result of traumatic experiences from our childhood that becomes deeply rooted in our subconscious.

So you ask, how do I Clear Blockages?

The process of clearing blockages begins with acknowledgement and acceptance. Once repressed feelings and dense energies of negatives emotions reach the surface, clearing begins.

Tips on how to Make a Positive Change.

Engage in positive perceptions
Your life is a projection of your perceptions; stay positive and optimistic.

Listen to your internal conversation
Be cautious and aware of the words you are using. Negative self-talk encourages self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.

Recognize and eliminate limiting beliefs
Remove unhealthy, limiting beliefs. Tell yourself, “Yes, I can do it!”.

Focus on the path, not the obstacles
Don’t dwell on why the obstacles exist, stay focused on how to conquer the obstacles.

De-clutter your life, literally
Hold a garage sale. Get rid of unwanted items in your house. The physical clearing process, you will find, is a fantastic adjunct to your emotional clearing process.

Clear Emotional Blockages through Hypnosis Therapy

Negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings created from in our past are embedded in our subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy accesses the subconscious mind to re-frame negative and unwanted emotions, and is a highly regarded holistic therapeutic method in resolving negative experiences, breaking through emotional barriers, and transforming relationships.

Click here to read the complete article on ‘Clearing Emotional Blocks’, written by Debbie Papadakis in Vitality Magazine, July/August Issue.

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“Your beliefs become your thoughts.

Your thoughts become your words.

Your words become your actions.

Your actions become your habits.

Your habits become your values.

Your values become your destiny.”

– Mahatma Gandhi