Marking our 60th Professional Hypnosis Certification Training class.

We are proud to announce we’ve taught our 60th Professional Hypnosis Certification Training which ended this weekend!  Congratulations to our new Consulting Hypnotists.  We are ecstatic to share this incredible milestone with all of you.
Hypnosis Class Graduates  Learn the art and science of therapeutic hypnosis from the Master Hypnotist herself.  Debbie will be teaching the next Professional Hypnosis Certification Training course starting November 9, 2013.  This 9 day comprehensive and experiential program is designed/certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists suitable to those interested in healing others, self-healing, or using hypnosis as an adjunct to medical practices.

Course instructor, Board-Certified Master Hypnotist Debbie Papadakis, brings over 18 years of professional experience and expertise in helping people resolve issues such as grief, insomnia, Hypnosis Class Graduatesemotional blockages, fears, addictions, relationships, and so on. Her specialty lies in working with Relationships, Sleep Issues, and Overcoming Grief & Loss.

For more information on upcoming course details, times, and dates please click here.